All through his career in the entertainment industry, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, and Actor, Leon Delroy Williams has don many hats. Delroy has not only entertained the audiences with his acting and singing skills, but has also played a significant role as a mentor. As a musical talent manager and artist consultant at BMG Trojan Records, he has had the opportunity to produce a number of artists for Trojan Records, Secret Record, and Burning Sound Records.

Apart from being a Trojan Records Artist consultant, Delroy is also a Trojan Recording Artist .The list doesn’t end there because you cannot forget to mention Delroy promoted the first open Air Festival in Brockwell Park , Brixton, London, UK (1966). The Rolling Stones had their Open Air Concert in Hyde Park, London (1969) and In 1970 the worthy farm later renamed to Glastonbury started their festival in 1970, admission 15 schillings and a pint of milk. Delroy also put on disco night shows every Tuesday at Clapham Manor Bath and every Thursday at RACS Hall in Tooting, London. Delroy also managed and singed with Desmond Dekker for many decades.

Background and Origins in Jamaica

Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, and Actor, Delroy Williams was born, Leon Delroy Williams in Bamboo, St, Ann, Jamaica. By the time he was nine years old, he migrated to England along with his parents.

The Beginning of Delroy’s Musical Journey

Delroy always had a passion for music and it was in the 1960’s that he made his way into a local Soul Band called The Sugar Band and he never looked back. Delroy gives thanks to his Guardian and Mentor, legendary singer Owen Grey. In the Late Seventies Delroy joined forces with Desmond Dekker and the rest is history.

By this time, Delroy was deemed as an up and coming talent by Commercial Entertainment that further landed him with several opportunities to perform throughout the UK and Europe. During this phase, Delroy not only performed for clubs and colleges but also for the RAF and US military bases throughout England and Europe.

Delroy’s Contribution in Music

In 1968, Delroy signed with Bell records and two weeks after the single release bell records went into liquidation.

In 1969, Delroy signed with Trojan Records and his first single was “Don’t Play That Song”, and in 1970 (Down in the Boondocks). Two albums followed after, Celebration and “You Sexy Thing”.

Delroy launched his debut album with Bell records. After this came his most popular reggae renditions; each one of which was launched by Trojan records. These include renditions of Ben E. King’s R&B hit, “Don’t Play That Song”, and Billy Royal’s hit, “Down in the Boondocks”. Delroy’s musical journey continued as many more successful albums came his way.

Delroy Williams was more than a manager to Desmond Dekker. He was his friend, and brother as well as his backup singer. Delroy and Desmond collaborated on music, and performed globally with band members Leroy Green on drums, Gordon Mulrain on bass, Aubrey Mulrain and Brian Campbell on keyboard and Steve Roberts on guitar, sadly Steve Roberts passed away 5 months after Desmond’s passing.

When the band, The Aces, first got together they were teenagers now they are Grandparents and are still touring with Delroy keeping Desmond Dekker’s music alive with replacement guitarist Steve baker.

After Desmond Dekker’s passing away, his loss was felt greatly among his fans as well as colleagues. Many news media outlets and SKA music fans even sought after Delroy Williams to put across their concerns. After all, Delroy had not only lost a business partner and singing companion, but most importantly a longtime friend.

Delroy Williams and The Aces can be seen as a tribute band that continues to tour in honor of Desmond Dekker, celebrating his contribution to Ska and Reggae music. There are a number of songs that even mention Desmond Dekker’s name in it. His music has also been featured in Matthew McConaughey’s film – Fool’s Gold.

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